Friends Don’t Lie

Which is why the Revival crew knows you’re gonna love this funfair. Because it’s not only Halloween, it also happens to be our anniversary and team birthdays all in one. So we’re celebrating Stranger Things style complete with Eggos, wrist-rockets, and a special anniversary brew we brought back from the Upside Down. You’ll just have to wait and see what it is. 

If that doesn’t make you OMG, then “turn around.” We’ll have DJ Chris Steele spinning all the 80’s hits. Then The Carson Daily will be playing 00’s pop-punk, alt-rock, and of course 80’s classics. So good, you’ll scream like when Bastian rode Falcor for the first time. 

We’ll also be releasing our second batch of RAD – Strawberry and Chocolate Milkshake Stout. This batch promises to be more milkshaky than Nesquik could ever make. It all goes down Friday, October 25th starting at 5 PM. Costumes not required, but strongly encouraged. And if you come dressed as a Demogorgon, well, then you know what happens. 

Remember, you can’t spell “Birthday” without “R-A-D”.

See you in Cranston.