Who: Harrison Strong

What I do at Revival: Work behind the scenes in the brewery filling tanks, kegs, bottles, and my belly.

Where I learned things: Umass Amherst, especially that I like beer, a lot.

Why my mom is proud of me: For graduating despite my intense love for beer.

Latest achievement: Perfecting the art of the beer shower.

No one knows: I once upchucked in a shark cage in Hawaii, unintentionally chumming the water.



Who: James “Tecumseh” Sine

What I do at Revival: Brew, break & repair equipment, taunt Larkin.

Where I learned things: Public schools, good upbringing, and a never ending desire to jam a fork into the outlet.

Why my mom is proud of me: She has to be, she’s mom.

Latest achievement: Not living by incremental steps.

No one knows: I write notes on the bottom of the kegs.



How do you improve an already awesome beer? You age it in a bourbon barrel. On February 11th we unleashed Juliett, our Russian Imperial Stout that’s been quietly conditioning in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. And it was everything you’ve ever dreamed about in a beer. A slightly sweet, smokey, roasty, hoppy tastebud explosion. But don’t take our word for it, taste for yourself if you haven’t already. There’s still some on tap and in bombers in our tasting room. Here’s more from those that were there.  (more…)