Cans Are Coming: 4/21/17

Music: El Oh Vee E by Juan Deuce

There is, perhaps, no greater sound than hearing the crack of a beer can open. If you’re like us, that sound means great times are ahead. 

So on April 21st we’re finally joining the party and releasing 3 of our favorite beers in cans. And not just any can, tallboys too. Be at our tap room at 6 PM to be the first to get Fanny, You Thirsty, and Night Swim’ah in tallboy cans.

4-packs of tallboys will be priced as follows:

Fanny – $9.50

Night Swim’ah – $9.50

You Thirsty? – $12.50

Feel free to mix and match varieties however you choose, but the limit is one case (4-4packs) per person. 
See you on April 21st and always remember where bottles can’t, cans can.