Shark Week at Revival in 2019

Larkin drives the boat, Chief.

Despite what Hollywood has led the public to believe, sharks are quite harmless, mostly, and a vital part of our earth’s ecosystem. Anyone that’s watched Shark Week knows this. In fact, the best week of the summer kicks off this Sunday, July 28th, and we have a fintastic week planned here at Revival. We’ll have Shark Week on all TVs, show JAWS and other shark movies, food and beer specials, and other shark-themed activities all week. Stop in for cold HAMR, see some sharks, and maybe you won’t be as afraid of going in the ocean this season.

Here’s the full list of events we have planned:


If you see a pig flying today, now you’ll know why. We finally canned our beer. Look for these tallboys at packies and bars across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut this summer. Soon to be everywhere. We started with You Thirsty? New England IPA, Fanny Session IPA, and Night Swim’h Belgian Wit. We hope to can more styles soon, so standby for details on those. Until then always remember: where bottles can’t, cans can.  (more…)