Don’t Go In The Water: Shark Week Takes Over The Brewery

Shark Week at Revival in 2019

Larkin drives the boat, Chief.

Despite what Hollywood has led the public to believe, sharks are quite harmless, mostly, and a vital part of our earth’s ecosystem. Anyone that’s watched Shark Week knows this. In fact, the best week of the summer kicks off this Sunday, July 28th, and we have a fintastic week planned here at Revival. We’ll have Shark Week on all TVs, show JAWS and other shark movies, food and beer specials, and other shark-themed activities all week. Stop in for cold HAMR, see some sharks, and maybe you won’t be as afraid of going in the ocean this season.

Here’s the full list of events we have planned:

Sunday, July 28th – Ocean Brunch w/ Living Sharks Museum

11am-2:30pm: Ocean Brunch with Living Sharks Museum

1-4pm: Phil Adams performs solo on the patio

3pm: Queer Beer Afternoon

8pm: Shark Week premieres on all TVs

Monday,  July 29th – JAWS 3 in 3D

4-8pm: Meatless Monday food specials

7:30pm: JAWS 3 in 3D on the big projector

8pm : Shark Week on TVs

Tuesday, July 30th – JAWS on a Float

4-8pm: Funky Flatbread food specials

8pm: JAWS on the projector while you sit on a float (floats provided but first come first serve or bring your own)

8pm: Shark Week on TVs

Wednesday, July 31st – Oyster Night 

5-8pm: Oysters on the patio

8pm: Shark Week on TVs

Thursday, August 1st – Mystery Science Theater w/ Sharknado

8pm: Sharknado on the projector with commentary and shadow puppets MST3K style from Lulu Locks

8pm: Shark Week on TVs

Friday, August 2nd – Live Surf Rock w/ The Teledynes

8pm: Shark Week on TVs

8:30pm: The Teledynes bring their surf rock style to the Tasty Room

All Week Long:

$3 Tallboys of Night Swim’ah

$5 Tallboys of HAMR

$12 Buckets O’ HAMR, Night Swim’ah, What Cheer, and Rocky Point

10% Off All 4-Packs To-Go

As always, follow along with all the fun on Facebook and Instagram. It’s gonna be epic. See you all there.